Met-All manufactures and sells premium metal polishes, cleaners and supplies. Our family of products is intended to clean, polish and protect virtually all types of metals, fiberglass and acrylics. Met-All polishes produce superior results for shine and longevity of finish no matter whether you are a cleaning professional responsible for an entire building, or a domestic engineer caring for the family silver.

The Met-All Family of products includes:

Brass & Copper Polish

Aluminum & Stainless Polish

Silver & Pewter Polish

Racing Polish

All-Purpose Polish

Stainless Steel Cleaner (Aerosol)

P37 Prep Polish

P100 Ultra Polish

Detail Polishing Kit

Water-Based Stainless Steel Cleaner (Aerosol):  Professional quality cleaning material for enhancing the appearance and integrity of stainless, chrome, aluminum, porcelain, ceramic tile and laminate.  Features include:  cfc free; NSF registered (C1 rating); pleasant lemon scent; removes dirt, grime, fingerprints, oil and water based stains, and more; water-based, therefore, will not leave behind the annoying traditional oily residue.

P37 Prep Polish:  Medium grade multi-surface polish is ideally suited for surfaces that are a little rough to the touch.  Through its cutting action it will remove years of oxidation and neglect, and leave the surface well prepared for finish polishing with Met-All's other exceptional products.

P100 Ultra Polish:  Ultra fine multi-surface polish that produces a mirror finish on aluminum and restores optical clarity to acrylics.  P100 Ultra Polish is also excellent for removal of fine scratches and scuff marks from fiberglass and paint surfaces restoring the original showroom shine.

Detail Polishing Kit:  Professional 7 piece polishing kit includes 1 - 2.5oz. tube of Met-All Aluminum & Stainless Polish, 4 - 4 inch bonnets, 1 backing plate and 1 drill adapter.  The 4 bonnets include one of each of the following:  4-Ply Wool Pad for buffing and compounding, Single-Ply Pad for polishing and wax removal, Yellow Quick Foam Pad for buffing and paint oxidation removal, and Black Quick Foam Pad for wax removal, final polishing and swirl elimination.  The bonnets feature a hook and loop system for quick and easy changes, and recessed backs, so the edge of the pads can be used as well as the face with less concern for scuffing or marring the finish.


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